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More recent versions are available for academic collaborators upon request.

These downloads contain two files, one for the species database and one for the bibliography. The formats (fields) are as follows:

Species database:

Bibliography file:

*these fields may have multiple lines (line feeds)

Published data sets

Data sets that have been published independently but now available as part of the Reptile Database.

Reproduction (parity: oviparous, viviparous etc.) from

Pyron, R. Alexander; Frank T. Burbrink 2013
Early origin of viviparity and multiple reversions to oviparity in squamate reptiles.
Ecology Letters, DOI: 10.1111/ele.12168

Feldman, Anat; Aaron M. Bauer, Fernando Castro-Herrera, Laurent Chirio, Indraneil Das, Tiffany M. Doan, Erez Maza, Danny Meirte, Cristiano de Campos Nogueira, Zoltán Tamás Nagy, Omar Torres-Carvajal, Peter Uetz and Shai Meiri 2015
The geography of snake reproductive mode: a global analysis of the evolution of snake viviparity.
Global Ecology and Biogeography, DOI: 10.1111/geb.12374

King, Benedict and Michael S. Y. Lee 2015
Ancestral State Reconstruction, Rate Heterogeneity, and the Evolution of Reptile Viviparity.
Syst Biol 64 (3): 532-544, doi:10.1093/sysbio/syv005

More datasets to come soon!

Supplementary data

Peter Uetz, Sami Cherikh, Glenn Shea, Ivan Ineich, Patrick D. Campbell, Igor V. Doronin, José Rosado, Addison Wynn, Kenneth A. Tighe, Roy Mcdiarmid, Justin L. Lee, Gunther Köhler, Ryan Ellis, Paul Doughty, Christopher J. Raxworthy, Lauren Scheinberg, Alan Resetar, Mark Sabaj, Greg Schneider, Michael Franzen, Frank Glaw, Wolfgang Böhme, Silke Schweiger, Richard Gemel, Patrick Couper, Andrew Amey, Esther Dondorp, Gali Ofer, Shai Meiri, Van Wallach (2019 ) A global catalog of primary reptile type specimens. Zootaxa 4695 (5): 438–450

Supplementary files (Excel spreadsheets):

Table S1: Bibliography of published type catalogs, with collection acronyms matching Table S2.

Table S2. All collections with primary reptile types, with acronym, number of species and subspecies with primary types, location (country, city, and global region), URL of collection website, and if acronym is ambiguous in Sabaj 2019 (all ambiguous acronyms have been dis-ambiguated in this list).

Table S3. All 13,283 reptile species and subspecies from the Reptile Database with type information, with authors, year of description, subspecies flag, type kind (e.g. holotype or neotype), collection acronym (from the Reptile Database) (Sheet 1). Note that the types_info field (column E) corresponds to the free text in the Reptile Database. Sheet 2 lists all taxa without known types (note: this table is redundant with Sheet 1). Type species of genera are indicated in column H. Sheet 3 provides a summary of taxa without known types (counting unknown, lost, etc. types).

Peter Uetz & Alexandrea Stylianou (2018)
The original descriptions of reptiles and their subspecies.
Zootaxa 4375: 257-264

Supplementary file: Literature references of all original descriptions (as of August 2017) [Excel spreadsheet].

Peter Uetz* (2010)
The original descriptions of reptiles.
Zootaxa 2334: 59–68

Supplementary file: Literature references of all original descriptions (as of September 2009) [Excel spreadsheet].
*The email address in this paper is no longer valid. Use peter [at] instead.

Peter Uetz & Andreas Schmitz (2001)
Fast 1000 in 10 Jahren - ein Nachtrag zum Thema "Neue Reptilientaxa". [pdf]
Elaphe 9 (4): 51-53


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