Journals tracked by the Reptile Database

(including a number of journals not tracked as indicated; we try to compile a complete list of herp journals here)

Although we do go through a lot of books for background information, photos, and other data, the majority of new data in the database comes from journal articles.

Below are the journals that we track for reptile-related papers. If you see papers in other journals, please send us the reference, or even better, the paper/s to have it/them included. We only track those journals regularly that have some sort of alert service (or which we have subscribed to). We check those without alerts (labelled by no alert in the list) only irregularly. Letters in parentheses indicate a convenient access point and subscription information (B = BioOne, S = ScienceDirect (Elsevier), W = Wiley, Z =ZenScientist Blogpost, defunct as of 2017).

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